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      Brief Introduction to the Theory of Nao Xin Tong Zhi

      Since the 1960s, Professor Zhao Buchang devoted himself to researching the TCM treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, and attracted the essence of medicine at all times and in all countries. Based on theory of “Brain-heart Communication” of TCM and modern medicine and in combination with the features of modern people, he brought forth new theoretical system of treatment for cardio-cerebrovascular diseases innovatively in conjunction with Professor Wu Haiqin and Zhao Tao in 1993, from the perspective of microcosmic accuracy and starting with the microcosmic precision. After over twenty years of development and improvement, they compiled three monographs about the theory of Nao Xin Tong Zhi, namely, Nao Xin Tong Zhi - Progress of Prevention and Control of Cardio-cerebrovascular Diseases, Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory of Nao Xin Tong Zhi, and Theory and Practice of “Nao Xin Tong Zhi” - New Progress of Research onto Cardio-cerebrovascular Diseases, all of which are the innovative ideological system of performance measurement of traditional Chinese medicine for cardio-cerebrovascular diseases at present. According to the theory of “Nao Xin Tong Zhi”, cardiovascular diseases are closely related to cerebrovascular diseases. Nao Xin Tong Zhi is an inevitable road to jointly preventing and controlling the cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, so it was highly recognized by the Chinese and Western experts. The theory of “Nao Xin Tong Zhi” and “Foundation and Clinical Research for Naoxintong Capsule in Treating Stroke and Chest Discomfort” were awarded the First Prize for Science & Technology Progress of China Association of Chinese Medicine in 2010. The “Modern Research onto Homotherapy for Heteropathy (Nao Xin Tong Zhi) against Cardio-cerebrovascular Diseases” was awarded the First Prize for Science & Technology Progress of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine in 2013.

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